Hi! Megan. 23.

"Don't let your heart grow cold, I will call you by name. I will share your road."

It’s probably because I’m tired, but there are so many things I want to say that are stuck in my throat. I’m suffocating.




this is

oh my god

didn’t even see it was


fucking what

Track: Can't Get Over You

Artist: Jeremy Shada


Plays: 13,599

Finn's song in 5x35 - Love Games


don't be the   m o n s t e r   they fear you   a r e

I’ll watch the sun rise because if no one is going to embrace me at least the sunlight will caress me.

5:20 and I’m awake. I slept for 3 hours. It was one of those things where I wanted to talk to someone but he has his own life that doesn’t involve me anymore and it was pretty terrible. The only thing that has me feeling kind of positive is an OoG conversation I had at 7K when a friend realized how much I’m actually struggling. Usually people just say that I’m young and love will come in time, but he was the only one who said that he knew I was strong enough to wait for that person who will make me feel whole again. He said he knew that I wanted someone and that it’ll come soon enough. I wish I could believe fully him. I wish that relationships weren’t terrible and I wish that love hasn’t been something men feel temporarily towards me so that I had something to look forward to one day.

"I wait for the day
that choosing me doesn’t feel
like a choice at all.”
— Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)
"I said I love you,
And heard only my own soft
Echo in return.”
"I care. It fucking terrifies me how much I care.”
— Midnight thoughts (just in case you wanted to hear it again)