*interacts with people*

*has to take a four hour nap*


showers need more specific temperature settings besides hypothermia and third degree burns


green path. by parker severns on Flickr.

Flying around all of Azeroth to get candy: MY LIFE ❤️

However much you love somebody, you should always keep a part of yourself to yourself. Never give it all. You can never be yourself otherwise.
—Aidan Chambers, Dying to Know You (via teenager90s)

vaporize by you’re my monday on Flickr.


*queues for something as a healer*  *waits 10 seconds*  this is the longest fuckin queue ive ever been in in my entire life


Merry Christmas Everyone by Peter Ras on Flickr.

You can’t hold on to the things that upset you. Let them go and move on. The bad stuff has passed. Make up for the bad you’ve help to create.


Meadow and Sequoias by Walk Robins on Flickr.

untitled by walkingwalking on Flickr.

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I didn’t set any formal paperwork today for my reading groups because one student got really upset and cried Friday. They’re so used to thinking there is a right answer that making predictions was too much for them. I need to think of a way to get them to open up and realize that there isn’t always a right or wrong answer as long as you’re able to justify it.